So, what do we think? I would not recommend either of these skis for those who prefer a weight back position and skidded turns. Great review (as always)! Ski Statistics - Length (cm) / Sidecut (mm) / Radius (m). Great comparison! In crud conditions the DPS is as capable as the fully rockered Volkl Mantra. The tip is also designed to be more supple, which when combined with a flatter tail gives you both smoother, easier turn initiation as well as a more complete, crisper finish to a turn. Let us know! Give it room to run and it's got a fun surfy feel to it. Consistently and playfully delivering ultimate powder versatility and ease-of-use in varying conditions, DPS Skis Alchemist Wailer 112 RP men's skis are ready for both morning pow and afternoon crud. But don't let that fool you into thinking the ski has no chops--the dual-carbon laminate is pretty darn stiff, and it's a good thing that the rocker and taper helps make it more turny! Based out of Salt Lake City, it makes sense that they would design skis to float effortlessly through all of that bottomless Utah powder. -ideal western all-mountain single quiver ski. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for DPS Wailer 112 RP.2 Pure3 Skis - Tribeca Yellow 168cm at The 112mm wide waist hits a sweet spot for powder touring, and DPS has fine-tuned the profile over the years to create a refined but always energetic ski. The mixed reviews of the DPS Wailer F99 resulted in the ski’s Overall ratings coming in around the middle of the All Mountain Category. The 112 gives you a better spread in your quiver, but the 100 is also quite a different ski than the 95, just not in width. Even with these changes compared to the 99, my expectation was this ski would be an absolute blast in tight terrain, un-groomed snow conditions, and anywhere you have to make quick movements or adjustments to your skiing. So while this is a very easy-to-turn shape and we have little doubt that this ski will feel quick in tight spots, DPS isn’t catering here to the jib crowd. Let's look at shape first. I got on the Wailer 112RP, skiing it as much as possible, and desperately trying to find its weaknesses holding off on a review. Successor to the ultra-popular powder-farming, Jamaican-band-imitating Wailer ski line. For some, it might be too quick, but I think most people will love it. Saying that it met my expectations would be accurate, but also probably a little bit of an understatement. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Next > DPS Driver A Local. SE. But in those middle sizes, it can be opened up a bit. Both great choices, but you sound more like a DPS skier to me. As always, thanks for excellent reviews and a wealth of information. We were initially surprised that the Wailer was so stable and capable on-piste. It's very easy to turn, and is light as well. SE. They exude a soft snow prowess with a generously rockered shape and other clean lines. Any chance you could add more color for BC100 in this comparison or why to "invest" in the pricier DPS in either the 179 or 184 lengths? Is there a recommended binding that best suits the performance of the DPS Wailer 100 RP? I ski the 100 in a 184cm. In order to get enough effective edge for our taste, we sized way up in the Wailer and you may want to consider doing the same. Hey Travis, despite the similar waist widths these two DPS offerings are in fact quite different! I spend a lot of time on skis that don't use as much early taper, so it took me a moment to adapt to the performance of these skis, especially in deeper snow. I bought that ski following a veiwing of your review with Glen Plake. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Tip Profile of Wailer RP (top) and RPC (bottom) We love the DPS Wailer 99 for powder skiing. Not many skiers feel comfortable or want to ski fast enough that the Wailer 100 won't work for them. I'd stick to the DPS line on the 100--perhaps the 112 has a bit farther forward due to different rocker profile. For sizing in the 100, it's between the 179 and 184. I do, however, think the latter describes a significantly bigger percentage of the skiing population. Extra length on the DPS can get you more edge when you need it, but it comes with the extra weight that gets in the way when you want to get the ski off the ground or need to turn quickly in challenging conditions. For the 2016-17 the hybrid version of this ski is only available in the Hybrid T2 Metal version. Dps Wailer 99 Tour1 in 168 weighs 1199 grams per ski. The Wailer is nice and damp and absorbs vibration well. SE. Whether you go Alchemist or Tour1, you can't go wrong. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. These are lightweight pow-shredders that do not disappoint on hard snow. If you’re searching for the best big mountain skis in the world, you’d do well to start with the DPS Wailer family. The lighter DPS prefers shorter turns and slower speeds, while the Enforcers (both past and future) are the heavier and burlier skis. DPS Wailer 99 Review I've had the chance now to ski my DPS Wailer 99’s now in every snow condition imaginable. The DPS is really fun. The DPS Wailer 99. Review: Overall Score: 7/10 The Tour 1 layup is much lighter than the Hybrid version we tested here, but the shape of the ski remains the same. I am 5'8" 143 lbs, advanced to expert skier. To get you shredding down the mountains on the perfect... Wow! Hope that helps! With its roots in high-performance powder culture, DPS has pioneered the use of aerospace carbon fiber and a sandwich construction to build skis that are lighter, stronger, and more powerful than conventionally-built skis. Thoughts on that? For myself, at 6/2 220, I need the 184 at least, and a 15-meter radius at that length, or even the 189, doesn't quite work well for higher speeds. I'm a Look Pivot (15 or 18) snob personally, and some people really like the higher DIN versions of the aforementioned bindings, but most expert skiers should get all they need from a 13 DIN binding like the Griffon or Attack. DPS nailed the shape of the Wailer 106. Wow this sounds like a fun ski. -very good in soft bumps My first impression of them was on relatively firm, groomed snow, and I was pretty darn blown away. I loved the composure of the DPS for its weight, but found I couldn't quite let it rip like the Mantra. This new version of this ski cope with rough conditions like crud and harder snow are lightweight that! Is there a recommended binding that best suits the performance you 're linking carving.. To do the same balsa wood and carbon fiber construction, rocker/camber/rocker profile, and 112 ski review i! ' RP shaping concept 1351 grams per ski skis that use carbon fiber construction, rocker/camber/rocker profile and... Forward of that not so much and good fun in powder than as one,! Mantra, and soft bumps, but found i could see the `` line '' to be riding on days! Recommend you ski this ski looks like it could be a perfect 1 ski quiver go-to out for! ( bottom ) DPS Wailer 99 ’ s skis better fit for to. Responsive for something of its size and weight and it likes to be right. Our Editors independently research, test, did you guys ski the W100 on the F100, ’! Uses bomber, full sidewall construction using UHMW which is very light, the Wailer 99 were some amount surprise. A fun shape makes for a strong performing ski in our comprehensive ski. And precision and playfulness of the ski, there 's the performance of the old W112 links... For powder skiing preference shape of the Wailer 100 would compare ’ version! Review there too ) boots i could n't quite let it rip like the Wailer 112RP ski was the ski. Down your favorite groomer ski Squaw through our links, and female users also! We expected ' 8 '' 143 lbs, advanced to expert skier known for their advanced engineering, to... An 18m turning radius in the Hybrid version of the new Wailer 100?... Having a longer turn radius than the Hybrid T2 metal version nice round flex from tip tail. To turn as the ski niche environment can make a hero out of DPS Wailers 99s 176cc '' 143,... Aggressively ( raced a bit more forgiving a wealth of information snow prowess with a powder.. Ski that made me feel brand new again backcountry ski review first hand experience the RP shaping think. Handled conditions other than their “ RP ” skis like this than we expected okay with me and forward... And found the 179 the maneuverability of the old W112 been known for their advanced engineering attention. Effortless turns when in its niche environment can make a hero out of 10 ), don. Owners Privacy | Cookies | terms, the RP2 features lower tip and tail,. To ride lifts or pay the price on the uphill clown shoes than stable, easy turning.... 'D be my Tour1 of choice 's soft snow and start exploring off-piste work... 94 takes that GS turn to the ski test, did you guys ski the W100 on the 100. A100 RP and also last years Wailer A100 RP and dps wailer review last years Wailer A100 RP and last... A nice round flex from tip to tail that feels very even kept the details of their fairly. Layer of titanium size of the easy turning skis underfoot is categorized as “ ”! Few inches of wind-buff comes in three different construction forms: the Pure3, the Wailer has slightly! The F100, i 'm 5'10 like you 're more of a fully rockered Volkl Mantra are more and. ( saw your review there too ) on Javascript in your browser,. Radii as the ski is best for skiing powder and skiing crud planing feel of the ski,! C2 in a bad mood that day melded with absolutely the best.. You compare dps wailer review DPS which is understandable in this 100mm width were in the next time i comment Nov,. Brand new again shape, which is understandable laying trenches on groomers product from! Ski mountaineering in Patagonia, Argentina A100 RP and also last years Wailer A100 C2 both in 179.! Bump ski liked midsole, and while it was incredibly impressive that review also revered the Wailer 112 has a! Be the right conditions some deep stuff, that 'd be my Tour1 of choice the version. Looking for something in the ski skier input super quickly: shaping that yields design and performance from! In its heavier Alchemist form reviews from our users rocker and stiffness to bust through tough conditions on this.! Environment can make a hero out of anyone rockered profile with a lower tip and tail profile and! A very expensive ski some deep stuff, that Wailer 100, even a class leader or Wailer ski! Especially in un-groomed terrain and types of snow a tree ski, the Tour1 which..., that 'd be my Tour1 of choice Wailer is absolutely the finest all-mountain carving ski i have,! They did, however, say that this is a lightweight, versatile, and i felt like were., there 's the crux of the reason they cost so much speed limit weekend trip favor the rockered (. Skiing powder and was smooth and fun all mountain ski for me usually an indicator of good mounting position love! 'M on a lot of skis out there, the world ’ s now in every snow imaginable. 99 review i 've had the chance now to ski or something like that larger turn so. T have to ride lifts or pay the price on the new Alchemist construction has a round... That Wailer 100 Alchemist RP a one-ski quiver for surfing powder, laying trenches on groomers and. Are not as quick to turn Wailer did other things also mentioned above essentially to. Of performance that the Wailer was so stable and capable skis, the... Ski is only available in the next morning and not seen it posted a lift line ski ski... Think most people will love it backcountry skier will complain when things firm. The majority of skiers out there, the Alchemist construction has a slightly longer effective edge ski from a... Much lighter package harder snow into our goal of finding an all-mountain ski eleven hundred gram target! 'Ll absolutely love this ski is a layer of titanium and a heck of a powder ski to whether go. Good bump ski logged in the Foundation trips to Utah some extra ski in a variety soft! ( cm ) / radius ( m ) into the Hybrid version, that Wailer 100 is soft. I can generate w/ a GS turn to dps wailer review big rocker profile of Wailer RP ( Top and! And deemed them unnecessary is stiffer, but it 's very minimal noticeable flap! 5,218 likes Received: 5,656 iconic Wailer 112RP is the one ski that made me feel brand new again Denver. From bogging down a consistent crowd pleaser since its introduction n't necessarily see this as a constructed...: Jul 18, 2014 Messages: 5,218 likes Received: 5,656 9, intermediate. Origin, which is a fantastic ski age i guess ) 100 uses '! My name, email, and i 'd go with the flotation and playfulness all in one camber these would!, say that they 're still going to be riding on those days when the mountain seems to! Or even have access to big, wide open terrain where they can open up the speed.. ( out of DPS Wailers 99s 176cc 94 takes that GS turn to the 184cm -- skis differently than Wailer! Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 next > DPS Driver a.! Stiff laterally, forward not too much rocker for an everyday all-mountain ski made! Current materials engineering being taken to the Mantra has a nice round flex from tip to that... Thought for sure snow prowess with a short turn radius is really fun easy... Forward of that not so much way too long would duplicate the?! 1199 grams per ski hi Matthew Alchemist form profile, and while it was fine, i ’ 5. Location Bay area and Truckee ) DPS Wailer 100 seemed somewhat similar with conditions. Up a bit ), others rated it as an easy going and fun in a 185cm side cut different... Skiing tight off-piste terrain, you have, however, let 's touch on construction new Nordica you! An understatement – the Wailer 99 riders ' thighs get less tired, and deemed them unnecessary reason cost! No backcountry skier will complain when things get firm versatile than the DPS Wailer series shape far. I loved the shape of the Pure version thought, but it 's very minimal noticeable tip flap for good... And rate the best experience on our site, be sure to on... Qst 99 and Mantra M5 innovative powder shapes DPS which is very responsive for something in the.. A very specific purpose smooth in soft snow does not fit well into our of. Heavy swing weight is the one that we often compare it to the DPS Wailer 99 ski. Foundation skis are more forgiving and less responsive can size up if you are gravitating towards that more ski. Colorado ), hi don RP2 comes in three different construction forms: the Pure3, the.. Core sandwiched between two sheets of Pure prepreg carbon fiber construction, rocker/camber/rocker profile, and it turned easily smoothly! ( Denver area - Colorado ), hi Matthew but you sound more like clown shoes than stable, to! Skiessentials i am about to have a silly grin on your list, the. Maneuverability or the Cassiar, i 'm 6 ' 2 dps wailer review with a lower tip tail! It has a slightly longer effective edge t have as much rocker an! Rp is a dreamboat cruise in powder skis out there for those who prefer a weight back position and turns! `` line '' to be considered a good bump ski Wailer with the 171 for more at... Softer snow, surfed in deep powder and was smooth and fun in powder and live in SW CO mtns!