The most popular movies and the movies we love most aren’t always the ones that shape the industry, reflect the times … From action like Mad Max: Fury Road … As Scorsese and Marvel movies debate the merits of cinema, Polygon lists the best films of the last 10 years. It’s nearly impossible to watch, let alone review, all of them. Rather than regurgitate the same old familiar classics, we’ve decided to limit our picks to the last 15 years, and have 15 films that correspond … These films are on their way to becoming must-sees for the next generation. The best movies in the last 10 years are packed full of thought provoking plots and likely to entertain even the harshest critics. The 10 Best Movies Of The Past 10 Years, According To Critics Did any of your favorites make the list? Kate Streit 2017-10-31 A list of films that won the Academy Awards "Oscar" for "Best Motion Picture of the Year". 10 Just Go With It (2011) The 10 Most Underappreciated Movies of The Last 10 Years Posted on July 17, 2018 July 17, 2018 by Christopher Weston The twenty-first century has given audiences some truly superb cinema, and for the most part, the very best works have been regarded highly by critics and cinephiles alike. If you’re looking for great movies, look no further. I’ve compiled a list of fantastic films from the past ten years—critical favorites, award winners, and overlooked marvels from across the genres. A great cult movie is like a weird underground discovery, that feels so strange and wonderful, you suspect that you’re the first person ever to appreciate it properly. The 21 Greatest Action Movies of the Last Ten Years June 5th, 2018 | Moviefone Staff If you like great action movies, then the past decade has given you quite the fix. From absurd action movies to quiet contemplations on faith and religion, we've dug deep to find some of the truly hidden gems that have come out in the last ten years… The 10 Most Influential. See also Best Picture Nominees More Awards: Academy Awards (1929-present) Emmy Awards (1949-present) Golden Globes (1944-present) People's Choice Awards (1975-present) Cannes Film Festival (1939-present) Sundance Film Festival (1985-present) We compiled a guide to some of our favorite films so you can put your scrolling to an end. NOTE: We wanted to do something different than Total Film, which has already picked their 34 Best Cult Films of All Time. The last 10 years have boasted some noteworthy rom-coms. Over the past 10 years, thousands of movies have hit the world’s multiplexes. Whether you're back at work and need a break or still bored and looking for a line-up for a rom-com marathon that lasts 24 hours (or more), here are 10 of the best rom-coms from the past 10 years.

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