reCAPTCHA failed validation, please complete the reCAPTCHA again. While the Kansas police academy requirements do not include a college degree, two years of secondary education is beneficial and recommended. Applicants passing both the written and physical agility test will proceed … If you were convicted of a felony for certain misdemeanors like domestic violence, then you will be disqualified. Passing psychological, medical, and physical assessments to determine the ability to perform the duties of law enforcement; In order to complete a police training academy in Kansas and become POST-certified, you must be formally hired by a law enforcement agency. Test. The Johnson County Regional Police Academy is located in Overland Park, Kansas, on the west side of the campus of Johnson County Community College. A study conducted by the Cooper Institute of Aerobics Research revealed that many police officers were less fit than the civilians they served. Kansas police academy’s may require the passing of the National Police Officer Selection Test (POST) developed by Stanard & Associates. Have completed 30 college credit hours, served two years in the military, or worked as a POST-licensed peace officer. Before you initiate the process for becoming a police officer in Kansas, you are advised to ensure that you meet the following eligibility criteria: All candidates must be citizens of the US Be a FIT cop - Become a TACTICAL, FUNCTIONAL athlete, To become more productive professionally & personally. Applicants are advised that the Kansas State Police will automatically disqualify any applicant who does not meet the general requirements as detailed below. Run to and climb over a 4 foot 6 inch fence. Kansas PT Standards. The Fire Fighter Workout. Physical Fitness Requirements. • Basic law enforcement training is offered from over 30 agencies in the suburban Kansas City area. 5 Best Majors for Aspiring Officers (It’s Not What You’d Think!). Qualifications. These testing services include a comprehensive written test and a physical ability test, both given at the Johnson County Regional Police Academy at 12345 College Boulevard, Overland Park, KS, on the west side of the campus. Run to and drag a … There are several police training academies in Kansas. You can’t have any disability that interferes with your abilities to perform the fundamental duties of the job. Regional Police Academy; Recruit Training; Continuing Education ; Firearms Training. The Army OCS and PFT Workout The NEW Army PRT and Combat Readiness Test Workout The PFT Bible - Military / Police Standard PFT . To become a firefighter in the state of Kansas, you first need to meet the following requirements: The candidate should not be a minor and must possess a high school diploma or an equivalent GED; Even if not from the resident of the same city of application, the aspirant must be a US citizen. The aim is to assess whether the applicant meets the physical requirements for becoming a police officer by coping with physical simulations that mirror the actual activities performed while on duty. For first timers, Missouri requires applicants to the police academy to meet basic requirements. Some knowledge of first-aid methods. Before even beginning police training in the state, you must show that you meet minimum... Criminal History. You must have your fingerprints taken. 2 | P a g e . The 300m run is a long sprint test and a test of … The Patrol’s Kansas state troopers, Capitol Police officers, motor carrier inspectors, and civilian workers are devoted to improving the quality of life for citizens and travelers in Kansas through spirited and dedicated service, which was … Job Description and requirements: This is an entry level position responsible for answering calls for service, patrolling, ... them for the Police Academy and their career in law enforcement. There are physical tests that you have to pass that are a lot like tests you might have had to take in gym class.

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