BBC Sport explores the issue of a potential European Super League. European Super League Qualifying Criteria: 1- Winners of … Top European clubs have held secret talks to create a European Super League, according to a report by German publication Der Spiegel. In a Savanta ComRes poll of 2,100 football fans, almost half of younger fans (48%) said they would be happy about the prospect of a European Super League… Elle est créée en 2005 comme successeur de l'EUPPFL (Association of European Union Premier Professional Football Leagues) [1]. The super league is … Some of Europe’s most powerful clubs, eager to push for a bigger slice of the money generated by the continent’s premier competition, appear keen to remind us that there is always the lurking … The European Super League is a concept that rears its head every couple of years, usually around the time discussions about changes to the UEFA Champions League’s format are taking place. is the official site of UEFA, the Union of European Football Associations, and the governing body of football in Europe. Even a more ‘open’ version of the Super League – incorporating the possibility of promotion and … Ancien logo. A independent European Club league for the top 5 teams from GER+ENG+ITA+SPA+FRA that have left the UEFA and their national football … Each country will have at most one or a handful of clubs playing in this elite league. On … Uefa has underlined its strong opposition to the formation of a European super league in the wake of reports of plans to launch a new continental competition involving Liverpool and Manchester United. European Super League Proposals ... A lot of big clubs have been moving away from the UEFA model and the so-called European Club Association (ECA). By doing so, they try to keep us attracted to their league, make huge market revenue from us and collapse our league and our talents. Could it ever become a reality? Les quatorze membres fondateurs de l'association sont les ligues … Outgoing Barcelona President Josep Maria Bartomeu says that the club has accepted invitations to join a much talked about new European Super League. Accueil; Sport; Football; European Premier League : La FIFA préparerait un projet de ligue européenne fermée à l'horizon 2022. The European Super League is a continental tournament which runs from January to May. Earlier today it was reported that Premier League clubs Liverpool and Manchester United are in talks with Europe’s biggest football clubs about on their secret plans to join a new FIFA-backed tournament that would create a de facto European Super League.. Instead, a spectacle of football and competition never seen before would be created. From the section European Football In this video originally published in February 2019, BBC Sport explores the issue of a potential European Super League. 18 teams from all over Europe take part in this tournament. Histoire. The prospect of the Premier League’s Bix Six abandoning English football altogether and joining some kind of European Super League is not thought to be a realistic one. Most local clubs perform badly simply because they decide to export their best players at the expense of their glory. "I see more a European league developing over time rather than one team going out of the country," said Wenger. Today's Real Madrid round-up features reports on the futures of Martin Odegaard and Nuno Mendes, and an apparent Florentino Pérez call for a European Super League. European Club Association Super League for FM16. UEFA have released a statement strongly opposing any plans for a European Super League after reports that the Premier League 'big six' were planning a breakaway. You see, in today's global football merchandise, from the valleys of Mungwi Hostspurs FC to the heights of Zesco United, an … European Super League plot won’t get off the ground… but I’d love to know which Big Six side would miss out . European super league proposals are nothing now, so what should we make of the latest one, and how does this plan differ from its predecessors? European Premier League: FA chairman Greg Clarke opposes plans for new tournament. The Football Leaks documents referenced the meeting in 2016, however nothing substantial ever came from the talks – though the emails show that the idea of a European Super League … Could it ever become a reality? The threat of a new European Super League is growing because of football's financial meltdown across the Continent, according to reports. The FSA has long opposed the idea of a European Super League and background on our position can be found here. Football: Man United and Liverpool in talks to join new European super league, says report Manchester United players arrive for their English Premier League match Tottenham Hotspur at … The Regional Champions Leagues run from July to December. When asked ahead of a Champions League tie against Celtic in 2009, Wenger thought a cross-continental league was more likely than the Old Firm joining the Premier League. The participating clubs are divided into 2 groups and the top 2 clubs in each group qualify for semi-finals. A European Super League that would bring an end to the supposedly boring dominance that the super giants like Bayern enjoy in their domestic leagues. How a European Super League will destroy football as we know it By Seb Stafford-Bloor 18 February 2020 The Super League isn't just a money-making scheme that helps profit big clubs - … A bid to create a new European Premier League has been backed by Manchester United and Liverpool in a move that could change football forever.. European Professional Football Leagues (EPFL) est une association représentant les intérêts des ligues nationales de football professionnel en Europe. A European Super League will reinforce this process. Greg Clarke: "Once you move out of association football, you … Do Europe's top clubs want to form one? Assuming the Premier League remains a 20 team competition, the English representatives in the European Super League would play a minimum of 70 games and possibly even more if … The Netherlands’ only participant may well be Ajax, which would give the Amsterdam club a monopoly on top-level football in the Netherlands. UEFA and league bosses thought they had … Getting a European Super League off the ground remains a way off for the likes of Agnelli, but it only takes a handful of U-turns for the concept to start gaining momentum and become a reality. is the official site of UEFA, the Union of European Football Associations, and the governing body of football in Europe. Exclusive. The best only facing off against the best. European Super League players would be banned from playing in Fifa competitions, says the governing body's president Gianni Infantino.

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