Lotus HP: 37,446,000,000,000 (37.45 Trillion) Be able to solo/duo Cvel to contribute. I divide 170 by 100 to get 1.7, add 1 to get 2.7, and then divide 2.7m by 2.7 to get 1m. Charge Attack. Damien is a level 210 enemy which is the final boss of Heroes of Maple. Flying Sword. ... An issue where Hard Damien and Hard Lotus were dropping a basic Sword will be fixed. In this case, any death will force all party members to leave the room and will count as fail. Damien fires bullets to the left and right in 2 rows, touching the fire bullet causes 50% damage and 1 Stigma charge. Featuring game elements including solving intricate puzzles, deciphering a crucial password and plotting a daring escape fraught with daunting obstacles, the Black Heaven content is split into different Acts. OMNI-CLN • Damien is a powerful boss in MapleStory that drops items required for the Absolab Gear set. Glowing Soul Crystal (individual drop, meso values as follows, Suspicious Additional Cubes (Master Craftsman Cubes for Reboot Worlds), 14 Medal of Honor (gives 100~200 Honor Points when picked), Twisted Stigma Spirit Stone (individual drop, with 20 Faint Stigma Spirit Stone you can obtain 1 Stigma Coin, which can be used to buy AbsoLab Equipment (Level 160 equipment) from Stigma Coin shop using 1 coin (Zero weapon Absolabs set scroll), 2 coins (shoulderpad, hat, overall), 4 coins (Zero essence), or 5 coins (weapons). When you switch … Tips before making a purchase: Always be aware of what's going on in your game. Damien leaps up and drops firebombs that deal 90% damage. 160 Eye ] [Verus Hilla] [ Lv. Vellum • Haruki Ishiya[2], “The pursuit of ultimate power was our ancestors' downfall, you say? Vellum • Lucid • One clear a week (shared with hard) Dark Knight; Beholder's Buff: Buff will now be applied to party members. Entry Level Additional Requirements: Completed Heroes of Maple (Act 4) at least once within the account in the same world. Reanimated Damien (Hard): ? It also increases Damien's Crystal Count (indicated by the crystals next to the Boss timer) by one, showing a bigger Brand symbol on everyone's screen. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Magnus • Normal Boss HP: 9+6+9T = 24T (Normal), 42+31.5+52.5T = 126T (Hard) Will actually has the exact same total HP as Normal Lucid. There are 3 ways to dodge this attack, namely by timing your jumps, running to the ends of the map where the fireballs' range cannot reach you (depends on Damien's position when he casts this skill), and lastly by standing on top of Damien. Maplestory [HAYATO] - First GMS Hard Damien Solo Kill. Given that, perhaps hitting around 30m lines would be enough to solo within 20 minutes with similar control. 1 Battle 1.1 Phase 1 1.2 Phase 2 1.3 Phase 3 2 Black Heaven/Scrapyard 2.1 Black Heaven Act 6 2.2 Normal 2.3 Hard 3 Mu Lung Dojo 4 References Lotus is a level 210 enemy that is one of the strongest bosses in the game, succeeding Magnus , Cygnus and Chaos Root Abyss bosses. 14/12/2020 Por: - En categoría Uncategorized. The Heroes of Maple Trilogy is finished with the Damien Update, concluding the Heroes of Maple Story with Act 4: Dark World Tree and the introduction of Maplestory’s newest two-phased boss, Damien and another way of obtaining Absolab Items.. Damien can be challenged daily but has a one week reset timer. Total HP (Damien transforms when he reaches 30% HP left), Normal Mode Overall HP: 1,200,000,000,000 (1.2 Trillion), Hard Mode Overall HP: 36,000,000,000,000 (36 Trillion). The fireballs have a limited range and will disappear after a certain range. Now charges into you instantly, inflicting 1 Brand Stack. Hilla • It’s best to keep these at Epic until you get your Absolab from Damien. Another great alternative is the Alien Fragment Belt. Remaining HP in Phase 1 is carried over to Phase 2. Horntail • DEF: 300% throughout the battle for both modes. The fireballs have a limited range and will disappear after a certain range. Damien can also randomly teleport. While inside the Orb, your damage, as well as the effectiveness of potions and healing skills effectiveness, will be reduced to 10%. Around 200k range it becomes pretty easy, prior to that it takes a while to kill but isn’t particularly hard … Root Trap: Damien traps everyone and channels a full map explosion. A large, sphere-shaped blue cloud cluster orb hovers above the ground, causing 5% HP damage every second. Resists all elements, including Physical. Spatial Rip. One clear a week (shared with normal). Fixation: Damien's blade will lock on to a single player and attack! The fireballs deal 90% HP touch damage but they move slowly, and can be avoided by. Players hit by his dive attacks will take 30% HP damage with knockback and be inflicted with 1 Brand Stack. Damien leaps to the air and dives diagonally downwards for 50% damage and 1 Stigma charge (100% damage (or 1 Stigma charge if you miraculously survived) for 2nd Part). Then once it launched, it takes like 2-5 mins to select your character and get into the game. ), 0~3 Damien's Soul Shard (individual drop, collect 10 to exchange for a random Damien Soul), (Hard mode only) Absolabs Hat, Overall, Shoulderpad, Weapons (unaffected by drop rate increasing effects, (MSEA only)(Hard mode only) Absolabs Hat, Overall, Shoulderpad, Weapons (affected by drop rate increasing effects), (Hard mode only) Magic Eyepatch (low drop rate, Level 160 eye accessory, 15 all stats, 3 ATT, 3 upgrade slots, part of Black Boss Accessory Set), Ruin Force Shield (low drop rate, Demon Aegis, Final Damage +10% but damage taken from enemy attacks +25% including %HP), Absolab Lucky Item Scroll 50% (1 Stigma Coin, include Lapis/Lazuli into the Absolab Warrior set. Paladin; Sanctuary: Attack Range has been slightly increased. 1.2m+ range, 93%+ IED, and be competent enough to contribute in a party. This pulse damage can be reduced by certain damage reduction skills. Skills . ), Absolab Essence (4 Stigma Coins, needed to upgrade Lapis/Lazuli Type 7 to Type 8), Absolab Weapons (5 Stigma Coins, 60 Primary and Secondary Stats, 1.2 times the ATT value of Fafnir Weapons, 8 upgrades), Absolab Hats (2 Stigma Coins, 45 Primary and Secondary Stats, 3 ATT, 400 DEF, 10% Ignore DEF, 11 upgrades), Absolab Overalls (2 Stigma Coins, 65 Primary and Secondary Stats, 5 ATT, 300 DEF, 12 upgrades), Absolab Shoulderpads (2 Stigma Coins, 14 All Stats, 10 ATT, 100 DEF, 1 upgrade), 5 items: 20 ATT, 30% Damage to boss monsters. Easy Will (up to 4 per run depending on drop rate multiplier) 190+ Damien starts channeling and summons a tornado that shoots two lines of small fireballs in both direction (four lines in total), players hit by the fireballs receive 60% Max HP damage and 1 Brand Stack. Easy Lucid (average of 1-3 per run depending on drop rate multiplier) Butterfly Droplet Stone (drops are shared between the party) Normal Lucid (1 per run) Hard Lucid (2 per run) Stone Origin Droplet. Pink Bean • Post Count: 89 Likes Received: 2. Summons demon at certain areas and bites them for 100% damage. He is absorbing the power of the Corrupted World Tree to make himself stronger, at the same time poisoning the World Tree. Damage percentages are based on your HP. Belt – The best Belt to get is the Superior Gollux Belt, but this is hard to obtain since you need to be able to do Hellux and have a good drop rate. Account wide information: - 7k legion, also has the LAB server level 250 and 150 piece. Damien has a short prequest needed to be completed before you can face him. Resists all elements, including Physical. Tower of Oz • Monster Park • First of all, this winter’s update is called MapleStory Adventure! Theme Dungeons • MapleStory; List of all the medals in this game? Dive Attack. Damien dashes, creating a 3 lined area that strikes for 100% damage in anyone who is in that area when it activates. Giant Monster Gloom • Damien is a level 210 enemy which is the final boss of Heroes of Maple. Ursus • i was curious myself at one point. Damien is a boss most Maplers will have to face at some point, unless they wish to skip the mid-game equipment set. - adele (level 220) - maxed boost nodes and some skill nodes. Chaos Pink Bean, Hard Mode Hilla has been changed to weekly boss (Can only be cleared once a week) Only one entry per day is allowed; Boss Crystal price has been increased and more rewards such as Strange Cubes will be dropped (Watch video below for more info) Skills used by Normal Damien and Hard Damien are the same. Cygnus • Damien is a boss most Maplers will have to face at some point, unless they wish to skip the mid-game equipment set. Arkarium • With a 30 minute timer, each player has 10 lives in the battle. assuming no downtime at all and the ability to do full damage, it takes about 17b dps to kill lucid in 30 min, 20b dps to kill hard damien, and about 31b dps to kill hard lotus. This page was last edited on 24 June 2020, at 07:31. [Go to top]← Gollux | Damien | Lord Balrog →, From StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki, Potential and Additional Potential System, Trading Systems (Auction House, Meso Market), https://strategywiki.org/w/index.php?title=MapleStory/Damien&oldid=865603. 190+ We # 1 daimoauz yeap, its dead alright. Fire Tornado: Damien channels a tornado to shoot out 2 lines of fireballs (four in total) which deals 60% Max HP damage and gives one Stigma Stack. Branding: Damien will mark opponents with his Brand. Damien • Once you escape, you will have to deal damage to Damien in order to block him from casting the explosion. There’s not much information about it so far but it does have something to do with a place called Adventure Island. Crimson Queen • Only 50% of the buff effect will be applied to party members. Here is what we experienced as a player, it takes damn long time to launch MapleStory.exe even with the top processor / RAM / spec. Von Leon • The shop is a function of the android itself. Damien is a boss found in the Top of the Corrupted World Tree. Arch Mage (Ice/Lightning) Ice Age: The … Damien The server is kind of weak. Guard Captain Darknell • You need over 6m clean range on a dual blade to solo Damien/Lotus. Players attempting to fight him must be at least level 190 or higher. Damien super knockbacks you for 40% damage and 1 Stigma charge. where you be? In Hard mode, the following message will appear after someone died to that pattern: Once Damien's Crystal Count reaches 7, or his HP drops to 30% (whichever happens first), everyone in the map gets teleported to the next phase. This page has been accessed 69,347 times. MapleStory Screens, Videos and Forum. Damien teleports forward, summoning three blue slits that burst after a couple of seconds, dealing 100% HP damage. grim R> DarkRelic in Elysium.Level 150+ please. Having a binding class such as a paladin or Kanna is extremely helpful. You can use the Stigma Coins that are exchanged with an NPC to buy Absolab Equipments. Fireballs. SecureGamer 11 years ago #1. Entry/Clear Limit The player who is #1 on the aggressive list. @hyperactivity the "third form" that has 1000% PDR is just for show like Lotus "fourth form". So im lv189 now and have found out a few things. Maplestory Reboot Guide . Fixation: Damien's blade will lock on to a single player and attack! Tags: dual blade hack lotus damien hard; fabulousducks Informed Hacker. There are two versions of Damien, Normal and Hard, including a practice mode that players can enter up to 5 times a day. Vellum • Haruki Ishiya[2], “The pursuit of ultimate power was our ancestors' downfall, you say? If they fail, they will be stunned in place for 8 seconds and take an additional 30% HP damage at the end. The Professional - A quest to start unlocking Professions, MapleStory's crafting system (Lv. Prequest Although he has less HP than Lotus, Damien is a much more annoying and time consuming boss due to a few reasons: The Brand/Stigma system (see below); Attacks/skills that makes him untouchable for a long time resulting in loss of DPS (e.g his teleports that make him disappear for a couple of seconds, his fireball attack); and the blue orbs at phase 2 which chases after players and lowers their damage by 90%. Yes Nexon, face is (the thing on your head I think) KMS Lvl 275 Dual Blade Showcases Equips + Takes On Hard Lotus & Darknell; Wondroid the final countdown; meso farming convert or?? Or how weak were the Heroes, really? /r/maplestory hit 80k subscribers yesterday; Blaze Wizard Solo Damien (NA Reboot) Hello! Mu Lung Dojo • - 240+ arcane droplets. For example, I saw someone Item Smega his Kerning City Donation King Medal and it gives +10 Luk. This can be avoided by standing directly below him while he is in midair. No rewards (EXP, items, monster collection chance, quests) can be earned even if the boss is killed in practice mode. Papulatus If the sword targets a certain spot and lands there, it creates an aura area attack hitting 90% damage every 1 second for about 10 seconds. Brand Stacks are released upon death, which temporarily summons an additional Flying Sword which gradually shrinks and disappears eventually. The overtime charge inflicted is based on 1 of the following condition (see the weather effect on the map for that instantaneous time's condition, charge is applied after the top right UI shows "Time for next charge: 00 sec"). Cooldown of 180 seconds. If you join the guild with season tier reward buff, you will be able to receive the corresponding continuous buff benefit. Range to solo hard lotus/damien as a DB? User Info: SecureGamer. Level: 209. Meteor: Damien will fly up into the sky and rain down fireballs imbued with dark magic that does insane damage! Practice mode is allowed 5 times daily (shared across all the bosses). If there is an enemy with the mark within the attack range of Hunting Decree or Infinity Blade, the attack will focus on that enemy. Players are allowed to attempt once per day and defeat once per week. Hard Magnus: Also requires the long, boring questlines to be done. HP: 504,472,800. Will Stigma charge can be caused by certain Damien skill or simply overtime. EXP: 1,036,020 ════ ∘ ∘ ════ Now all you need to do is finish the last quest with Kao and jump down the waterfall once you are level 210 for ChuChu Island. Sword Dive Epic • Im using the blade tempest SI right now with 2m range but i barely do 10% in 10mins. Fire Tornado: Damien channels a tornado to shoot out 2 lines of fireballs (four in total) which deals 60% Max HP damage and gives one Stigma Stack. Transcendent Orb/Shadow Zone. Resurrection ritual for the Black Mage — but suddenly, a being from another world was summoned! So my DrK effectively only has 1m range for purposes of this list. Begin Hunting (regular): Summon Damien for 120 seconds, dealing 1500% damage on up to 8 monsters (level 2 – 1800% damage on up to 9 monsters). Also your potion's efficiency -90% and your final damage -90%. Advanced Giant Potion Recipe — Where to get? Incising: Attack range has been slightly increased. Mirror World • Damien’s Soul and his Soul Skill have been added. Hi there, does anyone know where I can find a list of all the medals and what they do. Damien summons blue spirits that float in the air. damien maplestory range. In the second phase, Damien's skills as follows: The timer for Brand Stacks is reduced from 30 seconds to 20 seconds. Every 30 seconds, one player will receive 1 Brand Stack, based on one of the following criteria: Players can stand on top of the World Tree's Altar which randomly appears and hold the NPC chat key for a short amount of time without being interrupted to remove all Brand Stacks. Rise up with MapleStory's June update, ... and ignores additional 10% defense rate. Major/Raid Bosses:Lord Balrog | Zakum | Horntail | Papulatus | OMNI-CLN | Pink Bean | Empress Cygnus | Von Leon | Arkarium | Hilla | Magnus | Root Abyss | Gollux | Ursus | Julieta | Lotus | Damien | Lucid | Will | Gloom | Verus Hilla | Guard Captain Darknell | Black Mage |. I wasn't there to keep it more organized, but this is what I told them to do: 1) Have 3+ Warriors to keep Crashing Von Leon so it doesn't brutally kill the party. Heroes of Maple Act 4 The main difference between Hard mode and Normal mode is the rate of regeneration; that one second makes a massive difference considering the number of attacks coming out. Hard Black Heaven showcases dynamic content with updated graphics and film production techniques for the first time in MapleStory. ... You can get a free pet from doing Normal and Hard Hilla, which has a chance to drop a Blackheart box which drops either a Blackheart Pet or an accessory. Damien uses the Corrupted World Tree to trap everyone and then starts channeling a full-map explosion. Teleportation. Fireballs have a limited range, will disappear after travelling a certain distance. Cooldown: 90 seconds. MapleStory | Table of Contents | Walkthrough | Availability | Jobs | Locations | Monsters | Quests | FAQ | Glossary | NPCs | Monsters | Complete List | Bosses | Events | Evolution System | Azwan | Monster Park | Mirror World | Non-GMSBy level: 1-10 | 11-20 | 21-30 | 31-40 | 41-50 | 51-60 | 61-70 | 71-80 | 81-90 | 91-100 | 101-110 | 111-120 | 121-130 | 131-140 | 141-150 | 151-160 | 161-170 | 171-180 | 181-190 | 191-200 | 201-210 | 211-220 | 221-230 | 231-240 | 241-250 | 251-275 Pets: Item Pot | Pets, Mounts, and Summons Demon Mark. Charge Attack. Kill him to stop the World Tree from worsening! We do not directly offer refunds if items, accounts or currencies are wiped by developers. With a 30 minute timer, each player has 10 lives in the battle. Hard Will can be entered through the Gate NPC in the map Radiant Throne with a group of up to 6 people. NOTE: Like Magnus, Damien has enrage mode which can be happened when any party members do not hit Damien for longer than a minute, then he will summon up to 6-8 fully grown Transcendent Orbs and will cause any attacks faster than normal, making him almost impossible to be beaten. -1k~ nodes. For the first two legitimate phases of Damien … Players are allowed to attempt once per day and defeat once per week. Shadower is a strong and hard-hitting class with insane 5th job skills. Also, you're going to need more pdr. [EU- Reboot] - Looking for 1 Member for perment Postion at Damien Hard Preffer 30k+ Wondroid question, what to do next ? Hard Mode Overall HP: 36,000,000,000,000 (36 Trillion) DEF: 300% throughout the battle for both modes. The difference is such that more often than not, you will be able to have enough Moonlight for only two phase changes before the 28:45 crack, for example. **Maplestory Hard Damien Carry Service in Reboot NA** *Multiple runs per week, spots are available unless noted otherwise* *Hard Boss Run Times are very flexible and are spread throughout multiple times during the week on both Weekdays and Weekends* *D Community List of Every Obtainable Chair in Reboot; Why do people hate battle mages? Root Trap: Damien traps everyone and channels a full map explosion. - some meso/drop gear. ... Maplestory 4.0m range phantom solo normal lotus. Fireballs. Created originally by 4phantom1. Damien HP: 37,200,000,000,000 (27.2 Trillion) If you can contribute to your party for Lotus, then you may attempt Damien. Everyone gets mushed away from Damian and forced into petrification mode (spam left, right arrow keys alternatingly to release), then 5 billion damage must be dealt for the skill to be ineffective. Not all equipments in the set are sold. Fire Tornado. There are two versions of Damien, Normal and Hard, including a practice mode that … Julieta I Have Sh** Myself .. The shop is a function of the android itself. 50) The Eye Opener - Unlocks your Inner Ability (Lv. Players nearby will also be hit. If 7 deaths due to this is caused, Damien reaches its stronger (2nd Part) state earlier than 30% HP left. Lotus • Verus Hilla • Nice bro, im a ho young main wth 3m of range. https://maplestory.fandom.com/wiki/Damien/Monster?oldid=268146. I’d recommend 2m+ range to solo. Before 5th job, Shadowers have some strong utility with Dark Sight that allows you to ignore almost all enemy attacks and Smokescreen that reduces the damage taken Dive Attack. Zakum • Now targets players and deals 100% HP damage. Engage in combat with MapleStory's hardest boss yet! The appearance is changed to solid orange spheres, but is otherwise the same as Phase 1. For this reason I like to say that the damage requirements to participate are about the same; in reality, however, because of the level difference, and because of how the boss fight works, I would say that the requirement to fight Will is more than slightly higher. For simplicity's sake, party range means the range … Charges can be lifted up by going to a summoned Altar and pressing and holding NPC Chat button for 3 seconds uninterrupted (you can move around to dodge so long as you are still touching the Altar and you sre still holding down the N button). Pierre • Level 235 Mercedes. Damien can teleport into the air, diving diagonally in the direction he is facing after a few seconds. 3~4m range to solo. Normal Damien (1 per run) Hard Damien (1 per run) Arcane River Droplet Stone. … A Flying Sword seeking players, dealing 20% Max HP touch damage, with normal knockback. He also drops six coins which can be used to purchase Tyrant boots and belts, which cost 70 coins. Players that get hit are Petrified and forced to play a mini QTE game where they have to correctly press 10 arrow keys to remove the curse. So Probably a few more tricks I could learn to maximize DPS. This can be avoided by crouching. Damien Prequest; Damien Boss Stats How do I get this chick? (Non-reboot) Solo progression(ish): Closest I've gotten to killing Damien. Since no one does empress these days, no one will really go with me to do it and get better gear.

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