The Doctor and Martha arrive to find Shakespeare regaining consciousness and rubbing his head in pain. Shakespeare Day! At The Elephant, Will and his actors are given beer by Dolly Bailey, the landlady. This article is an index of characters appearing in the plays of William Shakespeare whose names begin with the letters A to K. Characters with names beginning with the letters L to Z may be found here.. Among the facts that the Doctor lists are that it's not really a globe, but a tetra-decagon; it's also brand new and recently opened for the plays written by the great writer himself. Once at Bedlam, Martha and the Doctor are disgusted to learn that the patients are whipped to entertain the gentry. The Doctor deduces that the Carrionites intend to use the powerful words of Love's Labour's Won to break their species out of imprisonment. They find the architect, Peter Streete, in a catatonic state. Writer Gareth Roberts was well known as a fan of Shakespeare; he had included him as a character in A Groatsworth of Wit, a Ninth Doctor comic strip. "I must be on 10% now," the Doctor thinks. The Doctor enters and Shakespeare tells him to leave, thinking him a fan who wants an autograph or a portrait done with him. However, his attention shifts to Martha, whom he tries wooing, describing her as "a queen of Afric" or a "blackamoor lady", which she finds slightly offensive. The Tenth Doctor, who promised to take Martha on one trip, takes her to a performance of Love's Labour's Lost at the Globe Theatre in Southwark in 1599. He speculated that he might like it better when watching it again later after he has warmed up to Martha. There is a definite resemblance, & Adams’ work probably did influence Garth Roberts, but IMHO it the parallels aren't clear or straightforward enough to be in the main TSC article. Amused, Bloodtide tells her sister that no-one that can stop them now; humanity will doom itself. She approaches seductively, which the Doctor says definitely won't work on him, and then quickly cuts a lock of his hair. Martha attempts CPR but is shocked to find Lynley's lungs full of water. Report Broken Documentary. Correctly guessing that Shakespeare is central to the witch's plot, Martha accidentally tells Shakespeare he will write about witches. This is part of the reconstructed Globe and wouldn't have been present in the original. He is then forced to run by Martha to keep himself alive. After making a joke about his eventual balding, the Doctor goes on stage to try undoing the damage but finds only Shakespeare can. There are several references to the paradoxes of time travel. Shakespeare takes interest in the word "psychic" and wonders who the Doctor is. Thus, his series actually begin in 2005, 2006 and 2007 — not 2006, 2007 and 2008 as is commonly thought. They arrive in 1599 near the Globe Theatre in Southwark, where they meet the playwright William Shakespeare. The Doctor finds Shakespeare backstage, rubbing the top of his head where he had hit it when he fell on stage. The episode concerns the "lost" Shakespeare play Love's Labour's Won, which is referred to in more than one historical document, but which may be just an alternative title for an extant play. Contrary to common belief, season 10 kicked off in the last week of December 1972 — not in 1973, as would be expected. to which the Doctor retorts 'No, the novelisation! The vast amount of CGI work required was mainly for the climax of the episode. One of the Doctor's hearts stops temporarily. Freedonia was the name of a planet in, The Doctor uses the title of "Sir Doctor of TARDIS". Phil Collinson Martha asks about the play, and the Doctor confirms that when Will undid the magic of Love's Labour's Won , he banished every copy into the aether, or the Void, or the Untempered Schism, or the Time Vortex, or wherever the heck the Eternals trapped the Carrionites. Upon trying to pass himself off as "Sir Doctor of TARDIS" via the psychic paper, the Doctor is shocked to find that Shakespeare sees it as blank. The Doctor points out that he's not even human and she should just walk around like "[she] own[s] the place", just as he does. in her honour, but is interrupted when two of his actors burst in. Scene from Series 3 episode "The Shakespeare Code." The actors think Will is drunk and carry him backstage. When questioned as to the whereabouts of Peter Streete, Shakespeare says that he was admitted to Bedlam. The, The subject of the Doctor's old eyes returns when. Lilith refers to the Eternals, a race introduced in the original series serial Enlightenment (1983). Upon hearing another scream, the Doctor and Martha run in to find Dolly's body as Shakespeare wakes; the Doctor notes that Dolly's heart gave out from a powerful fright. The Doctor gives Will a neck brace for his pain, telling him to keep it as it looks good on him. Doomfinger and Bloodtide are joined by Lilith, who tells them of her supposed success. The Doctor thinks he's heard of something before that involves the number 14, but can't seem to remember it. The Tenth Doctor, who promised to take Martha on one trip, takes her to a performance of Love's Labour's Lost at the Globe Theatre in Southwark in 1599. Charles Palmer On the Doctor's order, Streete reveals that witches spoke to him and made him design the Globe to their design, not his own; once he had served his usefulness, they snapped his wits to keep him quiet about their plans. Volgens de BARB cijfers deze aflevering werd gezien door 7.230.000 kijkers en was de vijfde meest populaire uitgezonden op de Britse televisie in die week. 7.23 million viewers - BARB final ratings, 1.039 million viewers - BBC3 Repeat ratings, Ford's Hospital, Greyfriar's Lane, Coventry, Newport Indoor Market (Basement), Newport, Chelesmore Manor House, Greyfriar's Lane, Coventry, BBC Studios, Upper Boat, Tonteg Road, Treforest Industrial Estate, Pontypridd, Stageworks, Unit H1, Colchester Industrial Estate, Colchester Avenue, Penylan, Cardiff, Black Horse Ltd, St William House, Tresillian Terrace, Cardiff. Norwegian researcher Petter Amundsen claims to have deciphered a secret code hidden in legendary playwright William Shakespeare's works that reveals a map leading to the location of certain treasures. Three witches try and mess up William Shakespeare's mind and work. But his life is shrouded in mystery. Martha is surprised by this, asking Will about the name; obviously, Will is going to base Hamlet on his son. Martha, mimicking the Doctor's actions at Bedlam, tries to neutralise her by speaking the name Carrionite, but Lilith mocks her, since naming only works once. After viewing a performance of Shakespeare's latest play, the time travellers are beset by apparent sorcery. As the production ends and the cast take their bows, Martha’s cries to see the author are taken up by the excited crowd, encouraging the dashing and handsome Shakespeare to make an appearance. Annoyed, the Doctor tells her that it's like Back to the Future, where if the past is significantly changed, the entire present day will be rewritten into something entirely different; now fearful, Martha wonders if she's going to start fading away, which the Doctor confirms if they don't stop the witches. The Shakespeare Code He says he'll take her home tomorrow. (DWMSE 23). " The Shakespeare Code" is de tweede aflevering van de derde reeks van de nieuw leven ingeblazen Britse science fiction tv-serie Doctor Who. One shot of the Doctor and Martha looking at the Globe Theatre was changed between the Series Three preview at the end of "The Runaway Bride" and the final episode; the edge of the Globe Theatre has been replaced with a CGI shot of a village and the distant theatre itself. How they managed to get back is quickly figured out by Martha and the Doctor; when Shakespeare was grieving for his son, he wrote something in a play that allowed them access to Earth. By the time of production, however, the title had been changed to "Theatre of Doom", according to David Tennant's video diary shot during production and included as a bonus feature of the Series 3 DVD set. There are several references to the Harry Potter franchise. In the morning, the Doctor, Martha and Shakespeare proceed to the Globe Theatre, and the Doctor asks why the theatre has 14 sides. The Doctor gives a disgruntled Martha mixed signals by casually sharing the bed with her only to show no interest, then dismissing the idea that a mere human could be channelling the psychic energy and bemoaning the lack of Rose's insight. As they leave the theatre, Martha asks why she has never heard of Love's Labour's Won. Producer: Memorable moment Release details Behind the scenes video They are led into Streete's cell, where the Doctor finds he is suffering from catatonia. He found the plot "straightforward", but still said it was entertaining with a good performance by Kelly. In addition, the Doctor finds a skull in Shakespeare's prop store that reminds him of the Sycorax race from "The Christmas Invasion" (2005); when the Doctor mentions the name "Sycorax" to Shakespeare, Shakespeare says that he will use the name (the joke is that the name in fact derives from Caliban's mother in Shakespeare's play The Tempest.). The Doctor identifies the witches as Carrionites, a species whose magic is based on the power of words which allows them to manipulate psychic energy. He decides to find out more about why it was never published. Historically, a reference to Love's Labour's Won (in Francis Meres's Palladis Tamia, Wits Treasury, 1598) predates the construction of the Globe Theatre (1599). Insulted, Lynley declares that this slight means he will ensure the play will never be performed, even if it's the last thing he does; he will return to his office for a banning order. This alerts the witches, who say it's too soon for their spell. He again demands the play, but Shakespeare insists it's not ready yet. Lilith promises to kill the Doctor as the bells ring outside. She tells them to calm down and chant with her, adding hair she secretly took from Lynley to a doll; it is now a voodoo doll. When asked by the Doctor what she saw, Martha answers, "A witch". The Doctor confronts Lilith, who explains that the three witches were released from their banishment by Shakespeare's genius words after he lost his son Hamnet. The Doctor deduces both their location and the year: near the Globe Theatre in 1599. They walk around the town and the Doctor says Elizabethan England is far more like the 21st century than Martha might think. WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE'S magnitude and influence is unquestionable. The Shakespeare Code. Scott Matthewman of The Stage gave "The Shakespeare Code" a mostly positive review, highlighting the guest performances and the theme of the power of words. The Tenth Doctor takes her to 1599 England. The Doctor tells her it's "before the invention of the toilet", apologising. More behind the scenes stuff This is a reference to the enigmatic female character in Shakespeare's Sonnets, although Sonnet 18 is in fact one of those addressed to a male character, the Fair Youth. However, the Doctor turns out to be wrong about the consistency of the Bard's genius when he asks the audience to shut their "big fat mouths". Taking flight through the window, she attaches the hair to a doll — which the Doctor says is basically a DNA replication module — and stabs it in the heart. The Doctor goes on about how much he admires Shakespeare's genius. 1x45 minute Episode Shakespeare flirts with Martha multiple times during the episode, and ultimately composes Sonnet 18 for her, calling her his "Dark Lady". Martha is less than impressed with the room, complaining she doesn't even have a toothbrush. When they find William Shakespeare with a lost play,… WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE'S magnitude and influence is unquestionable. This is the name of an inn recommended in Twelfth Night. Lilith notes the Doctor was at the inn with Shakespeare and smells of something new. The Shakespeare Programming Language (SPL) is an esoteric programming language designed by Jon Åslund and Karl Hasselström. In the morning, Shakespeare flirts once more with Martha. There is indeed a novelisation of Back to the Future, written by George Gipe. Music: A witch called Lilith uses a voodoo doll to influence Shakespeare to declare that the new play will premiere the following evening. Conspiracy, History / 5 Comments Imagine a country where many people have become convinced that much of what we know about William Shakespeare is wrong. Format: They all cackle in glee as a spirit appears to the actors before they can finish reading the spell. However, without seeming to notice Martha's reaction, he attributes this to Martha being a novice to time travel. DOCTOR WHO, SERIES 3 EPISODE 2 - THE SHAKESPEARE CODE First screened, Saturday, 7th April, 2007 on BBC One. Joining the Doctor, Shakespeare is told to improvise a verse to get rid of the Carrionites, as he is the most brilliant wordsmith. At the time in which the episode is set, Shakespeare had yet to write Macbeth or Hamlet, which prominently feature the paranormal, such as witches and ghosts. Gareth Roberts "The Shakespeare Code", along with "Smith and Jones" and "Gridlock" was released on a DVD on 21 May 2007. Series 3, Episode 2 At the end of the play, William Shakespeare announces a forthcoming sequel entitled Love's Labour's Won. However, Martha gleefully and sarcastically retorts that she would get sectioned. The actors rehearse, with the lead actor reading what he thinks is gibberish; he guesses Will was dozing off as he wrote it. "[4], The name of the Carrionites derives from screenwriter Gareth Roberts' own New Adventures novel, Zamper (1995), which refers to a slug-like race known as "arrionites". BBC One The witches Lilith, Doomfinger, and Bloodtide observe this through their cauldron, and Doomfinger teleports to the cell and kills Peter with a touch. His actors think Will's being a critic about his own work. But his life is shrouded in mystery. 7 April 2007 1 Biology 2 Technology 3 History 4 Other references 5 Behind the scenes The true form of a Carrionite resembled a giant skeletal raven or crow. Shakespeare then announces there will soon be a sequel, Love's Labour's Won; it will answer the questions Lost left behind. He points out there are things similar to the future: recycling, water cooler moments and people thinking the Earth will burn in flames - aka global warming. He asks for a constable to take Lynley's corpse; Lilith offers to fetch one, walking off with a hidden grin on her face. In the episode, the alien time traveller the Doctor (David Tennant) takes his new travelling companion Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman) in her first trip in time and space. He started writing some Virgin New Adventures, a series of Doctor Who novels, with The Highest Science (1993). In the witches' home, a wheezing Doomfinger rejoins Bloodtide and Lilith; she tells them that the Doctor knows of their true nature - he spoke their true name. Martha scorns this explanation by saying 'The film?' At one point, Martha says "It's all a bit Harry Potter", which prompts the Doctor to claim that he has read the final book in the series (which would not be released until three months after the episode was aired; the Doctor refers to it as "Book 7" because the title had not been made public at the time of filming). Confused, Martha asks the Doctor why he told the crowd a lie. The Doctor wonders which house they need to go to, finding a door opening itself; "Make that witch house.". He went on to write several more books for Virgin Books and further Doctor Who spin-offs. The Doctor previously claimed to have met Shakespeare. Seeing how much he desires her, Lilith allows him entrance to her home. Inside the inn, they wonder about Lynley's murder, but Shakespeare is equally confused by Martha's training as a doctor, wondering what kind of land Freedonia is. Her name is not even said by Bloodtide, Doomfinger or Lilith herself. The Doctor gives her one from one of his pockets, explaining it contains Venusian spearmint. The Carrionites in the theatre wither in fear of his words, but William gets stuck on the last one, unable to think of a rhyme. Shakespeare follows after him after giving his actors the final draft of his play. Watching from above is Lilith, dressed as royalty. The Doctor tells him to stop rubbing it or he'll go bald. Taken from the episode "The Shakespeare Code. 3.2 Martha comes up with "Expelliarmus" and the Carrionites — together with all the extant copies of Love's Labour's Won — are sucked through the portal. She then asks if magic really exists, to which he states it doesn't — this looks like magic but isn't. Lilith cackles and states that at the hour of spoken words, they will be freed and the Earth will perish. Key crew In the first shot, she's stroking his hair behind his ear, in the next shot, she is touching his sideburn, and her fingers shift to behind his ear again in the following shot. Lilith tries to do the same to the Doctor, but fails, as her psychic power is unable to uncover his real name. He asks Shakespeare why the Globe was designed like this. [11][12], Apart from Newport Indoor Market, where the scenes at Bedlam, as the Bethlem Royal Hospital was known as then, were recreated in the basement, the remainder of the shoot took place in Upper Boat Studios, for the scenes set in the Elephant Inn, sections of Globe Theatre material, and the TARDIS scenes.[8]. Next → However, upon entering the home, he is shocked to find it full of horrifying witching artefacts — not what he would expect a beautiful girl to have in her home. It was rewritten as the producers and Tennant thought it would be inappropriate. However, at the Globe, the actors have reached the end of the play. The story plays on the speculation around Shakespeare's. There’s no fish like your first fish. A Carrionite spectre appears at the rehearsal. The Doctor is left bewildered by Will's sudden behaviour. Other sequences include subtle references to much earlier episodes. "Doctor Who" The Shakespeare Code (TV Episode 2007) Christina Cole as Lilith The Carrionites' contribution to Love's Labour's Won includes a reference to "Dravidian shores"; a "Dravidians starship" is mentioned in The Brain of Morbius (1976). The planet Rexel 4 is named in an episode of The Tomorrow People from 1974. Through the window, Martha sees Lilith flying away on a broomstick. Martha defends herself by saying that in Freedonia, women can have any profession they want. Oh, I cried." Lynley collapses on the ground dead. Shakespeare tells him that the play will be given to him tomorrow morning; however, Lynley arrogantly declares that the Master of Revels does not work to an author's schedule. Lilith was named after a storm demon in Mesopotamian mythology who is also mentioned in Judeo-Christian tradition. He offers to take Martha to the theatre, which she happily agrees to. Lilith stabs the doll in the chest, and Lynley collapses, dead. The Doctor tells her no; Martha agrees that would be taking advantage of time travel the wrong way. Both hearts stopped in the previous episode. The witches turn out to be Carrionites, but they haven't reckoned with the difficulty of taking on the Doctor and arguably the world's greatest ever wordsmith. In the room is Lilith, disguised as a maid. Wiggins is also a Doctor Who fan and a friend of writer Gareth Roberts. Tenth Doctor Instead, she names Martha Jones, rendering her unconscious, muttering that she was unable to harm her more, as she must be out of her own time. Martha Jones steps outside and is amazed by the fact they've gone back in time. Director: Shakespeare himself speaks with a noticeable Midlands accent, a reference to his birth and upbringing in Stratford-upon-Avon. The Doctor steps forward to confront her; Doomfinger explains no-one on Earth has knowledge of them. The Doctor knows of the lost play as it appears in the listing of Shakespeare's works, but the play itself is non-existent. To Will's shock, they tell him the Queen wants to see the play. Accepting this, Will announces that he will now focus on writing about sons and fathers in honour of his son, Hamnet. In fact, For the purposes of this list, "Series 4" is considered to be the. Just before the Doctor steps out of the TARDIS, he exclaims "Brave new world", from Act V Scene I of The Tempest. He ponders rewriting the play but is told not to as it would risk releasing the Carrionites, as they could manipulate him into rewriting the spell. ‘Gyves’ = ‘constraints’. Martha is confused by this as she sees the Doctor's title on the paper. Het werd uitgezonden op BBC One op 7 april 2007. When the crowd is chanting "author!" Shakespeare fails to stop the play from being performed. Lilith compels Shakespeare to write a strange concluding paragraph to Love's Labour's Won before flying away on a broom. The Doctor explains the Carrionites produce their "magic" through an ancient science based on the power of words. Production started at the production team's Upper Boat Studios in Trefforest for the scenes in the Crooked House. It is only said in the beginning when the young man tells Lilith that her house is foul. Shakespeare tells the Doctor that they aren't so different; both are men of great intellect. At the Globe, Love's Labour's Lost is on. The Doctor finds the three "witches" trapped, screaming in their own crystal ball. [8], Production then went on a week of location night shoots, beginning in Coventry, including Ford's Hospital, for one night,[9][10] before moving to the Lord Leycester Hospital at Warwick. Shakespeare's head still hurts, so the Doctor hands him the stereotypical Shakespeare collar to use as a neck brace. A cryptographic discovery that may change western history. "The Shakespeare Code" is the second episode of the third series of the revived British science fiction television series Doctor Who. As revealed in Doctor Who Adventures issue 30, this episode had the working title of "Loves Labour's Won". There, he wonders why the theatre is tetradecagal. He reveals his deduction that the Doctor is not of the Earth and that Martha is from the future. Shakespeare's Sonnet 57 is one of those believed to be written to a man, and contains lines referring to time, "I have no precious time at all to spend,/ Nor services to do, till you require./ Nor dare I chide the world-without-end hour/ Whilst I, my sovereign, watch the clock for you.". ← Previous Most images portraying Shakespeare show him to be a man who is balding on the top of his head. The carrionites attack and make their plans known to The Doctor. The Doctor collapses, making Lilith think he's dead. According to Roberts, "if anyone was gonna trip me after transmission it'd be him, so I thought I'd butter him up first".[5].

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