About Us


We are a bespoke design studio based in Warsaw and our mission is to create functional and timeless interiors. For the last 17 years, we have been designing with passion, precision and attention to every detail. Our team ensures the best quality of craftsmanship in every project.

We specialise in bespoke and unique residential interiors, housing developments and commercial projects.
Our mission is to help our clients to make informed design decisions, taking into account their priorities and focusing on their vision.

Together with our clients, we design functional and fully tailored to the needs of the household members interiors, , that suit lifestyles, ambitions and expectations of our clients.

Founders of HOMEEMOTIONS architects

mgr inż. arch. Katarzyna Czaplicka and mgr inż. arch. Urszula Menich graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning at the Wrocław and Białystok Universities of Technology.

Our relations transcend into our private lives and we are so much stronger as a team for that reason. We ar e in lovewith our work, looking in the same direction, supporting and complementing each other.

“Work that allows you to make your dreams come true is the greatest value.”

We cordially invite you to make use of our services.


Our team provides complex interior redecoration. Tomasz Czaplicki supervises the entire project according to our design, He is a professional who ensures that all work is completed in timely fashion in accordance to his vast knowledge and experience at every stage of the project.

All the projects carried out by Mr. Tomasz are made with the greatest attention to detail, which is why we are not afraid to provide services even for the most demanding customers.

Some of our many advantages of our well-coordinated decoration team are: meeting deadlines, quality, experience, professionalism and comprehensiveness of services.

We encourage you to contact us to arrange the details.